Pay low fixed periodic payments to suit your budget with our leasing options

Whatever your business finance requirements, and whatever your budgetary constraints, AVM will work with the UK's leading independent finance providers to find a solution. We offer businesses and public sector organisations innovative, tailored solutions to help them acquire the equipment they need, when they need it.

Expectations and requirements within business, education and government organisations are changing fast, particularly within the field of technology. Our flexible finance solutions can help you respond to these challenges.

AVM has experience of working with people to defer, spread and manage their costs to ensure they optimise their investments. From visualisers to video conferencing we work to deliver the best value.

Payments can be monthly, quarterly, termly, or annually – you can choose the most suitable. Typically payments are spread over 12 to 36 months.


Why use a leasing option?

Leasing is a way to pay for any capital purchase with low fixed periodic payments taken at a time to suit your budget. This allows you to manage your budget and cash flow in a cost efficient manner. It is a way of managing obsolescent equipment without writing off large single sums of money.

It is the route to bridging the gap between what you need and can actually afford. It means you can have tomorrow’s technology today.

Succeeding these days requires that you have the latest technology - but IT budgets and up-front costs won’st always allow this. Leasing allows you to benefit from the latest technology right away and have a better chance at achieving higher results.